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Buying At WSC Auction

Auctions can be quite an intimidating situation for first-timers. Fast-talking auctioneers, multiple bids ongoing, accompanied with high-octane fuelled adrenalin to bid for the coveted item of desire might be overwhelming for a beginner, you may think.

Some might even consider auctions to be a hassle, but they have proven to be one of the most efficient ways of converting assets into cash and scoring a fantastic deal!

Here at WSC, we offer luxury objects and collectibles at all price points, particularly in online sales, where you might pick up a luxury asset for a few thousand dollars.

Before you can bid, you will need to create an online account with us and go through a simple verification process. Once your account is ready, you can then bid any Auction. It’s that quick and simple!

How to bid?

In order to bid in our Auctions, clients will need to create a WSC Auction account. Please follow the following steps:

1) Sign up:

Sign up for a WSC Auction account at Once an account is created, an activation email will be sent to your registered email. Please kindly click on the activation link to activate your account.

2) Sign in:

Now that you have a WSC Auction account, you can sign in and browse through our Auction Catalogues on our platform.

3) Account Verification:

Before you can officially place a bid on WSC Auction platform, you are required to do a simple account verification. Kindly fill in your shipping address and send us a copy of your National ID through our corresponding email.

*This is a mandatory procedure to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

4) Deposit of Funds:

Once an account is verified, clients can now deposit funds to WSC Auction platform using USDT. Simply click on the ”Deposit” tab, fill in the amount of Auction Credits required and request for a USDT address. Kindly make a USDT transfer to the USDT Address generated.
Upon receiving the USDT, it will automatically be credited into your WSC Auction account. With the freshly funded USDT, you can now convert them to Auction Credits and start bidding!

5) Bid:

With Auction Credits in hand, you can now start to place bids on any of our Auction Assets available on our WSC Auction platform.
To place a bid, you just need to click into the Asset page, fill in your Bid Price and click “Bid”. Once a bid is placed, a bid confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. Kindly note that a buyer premium will be factored into your Bid Price and your Auction Credit will be deducted until you have been outbid.

*Due to the differing Tax regulations between countries, please note that ALL Import Taxes are not included the Bid Price and will have to be paid separately to your respective Tax Authority.

6) Successful Bid:

Congratulations on being the winning bidder for the Auctioned Asset! Once a bid is won, an email will be sent to your registered email to notify you on the details. A reply confirmation email is required to ensure the Asset is shipped to the correct Delivery Address. Do kindly notify us if there is a change in Delivery Address.

7) Delivery:

Once the Asset is packaged and shipped, an email with the tracking number will be sent to you. Kindly check with our logistics provider on the shipping status of your purchased Asset. Congratulations once again on your successful purchase!

8) Withdrawal of Funds:

To withdraw your funds, you can easily do so in two simple steps. Click on the “Convert” tab to convert your Auction Credit into USDT and click on the “Withdrawal” tab to perform your withdrawal to your USDT address.
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Selling At WSC Auction

As a new entrant in the international auction market, Whiteside Capital Auction has incorporated cutting edge technology and innovation to disrupt the traditional Auction Industry. This is also the driving factor in opening the doors of the Auction industry to the world.

By using innovative technologies, we provide unparalleled service and efficiency required to sell your assets.

How Do I Sell An Item

1) Contact:

Firstly, reach us via [email protected] to request for a price estimate to see if your Asset is suitable for WSC Auction’s sale. The email should include at least 3 photos of your Asset, any relevant documents that comes with it and your ideal target price.

2) Connect:

After receiving your email, a WSC Auction specialist will contact you to guide you through the step by step process and explain your Seller’s Agreement and Commission structure.

3) Delivery and Shipping:

Once you have agreed with our Commission structure, kindly make an Auction Interest Deposit, sign and send your Seller’s Agreement back to us. After which, you should arrange for the Asset to be delivered to our collection hub.

*Please kindly purchase your own shipping and insurance as this cost will not be borne by WSC Auction.

4) Authentication and Valuation:

Upon receiving the Asset, our team of appraisers will begin the authentication process and value the asset. After completing our internal assessment, our specialist will contact you to discuss on the price estimate of the Asset.

5) Agreement:

If you are agreeable to the fees and pricing, an official Auction Sales Agreement will be sent to you for signing. Once we received your signed Auction Sales Agreement, this means that your Asset is officially in queue for Auction.

6) Marketing:

Our specialists will coordinate every detail, from cataloguing your Asset to marketing it to prospective buyers worldwide.

7) Auction:

Join the excitement of the sale day by following us online via WSC Auction platform.

8) Payment:

Once your asset is auctioned off successfully, proceeds after fees will be credited into your designated USDT wallet address.